Co-Op Philosophy and Overview


LIGHT Co-op & Philosophy

The LIGHT Co-op is an activity that falls under the LIGHT Homeschool Support Group and is just one of the many activities offered by our group as a way to support each family’s unique homeschool plan.  Participation in the co-op requires that a family first be a member of the LIGHT Homeschool Support Group.
Our co-op is unique from many other “homeschool co-ops”, in that our main focus and goal is to offer support for the parent and not academic classes for our children. We believe when parents feel encouraged and supported, they are more equipped to provide their own children’s education, without needing to rely heavily on outside classes. Our underlying philosophy and aim is to keep parents engaged and supported.  

Our wide offering of classes are focused on enrichment. A few select classes, aimed at high school-aged teens, are offered and can be used toward credit as the parent sees fit.  Our main focus for our children is fellowship and exploring new topics.  

We believe that the interaction between parents of all stages and walks of homeschooling is beneficial for everyone. Therefore, we strive to create for parents a place to fellowship with other parents.

The participation of all parents is essential to the success of the Co-op. Most of our teachers are volunteers from within our families, and each parent is required to help in some way during our weekly meeting. Parents are required to stay during co-op hours to encourage conversation and networking.

Because our co-op incorporates the whole family, babies through high school, the co-op hours are limited, so as not to be burdensome or “too much” for one day. The number of weeks we meet is also limited to give families a needed break and more free time during the holiday months, as well as being done by the end of April to give parents time to finish their school year strong.

Registration and WaitList

Due to the popularity of the co-op in our support group, we have a registration process we follow that includes a waitlist.  To participate in co-op, or to be put on the waitlist, you must first be a member of the LIGHT Support Group.  An additional registration for fall session of co-op starts in August (spring reg. starts in Dec.), with returning families having priority in registration.  If you have not been a LIGHT or co-op member, your name can be placed on a waitlist and then added to the co-op as space allows.  You will find the co-op registration and waitlist links on the website after your LIGHT membership is activated. The co-op committee will contact you regarding space availability for co-op after returning members have registered.


LIGHT Co-op fees 

LIGHT works very hard to keep all of our fees as low as possible! We believe you won't find another group that offers the vast variety of homeschool support for the cost that LIGHT provides. Please visit our activities page to see all LIGHT has to offer!

- Enrollment Fees (covers our website fees, coffee, cups, etc)

     Fall Semester 2023 - $40

     Spring Semester 2024 - $60 

- Insurance fee per child - $7 per semester

-P.E $10 per child per semester 

- Individual Class Fees are based on the needs of the class. We work hard to keep these fees as low as possible. The average class fee is approximately $10-20.

    *An average cost for a family of 4 is roughly $200 per semester 


Co-Op Handbook