Keeping Christmas Peaceful while Homeschooling

Rebecca Liao Sunday November 27 2022


Christmas is the celebration of the gift of Jesus. He is our rest and our peace...You know, “All is calm; All is bright?”  So, how do we approach homeschooling during this busy “Jingle Bell Rock” season and still achieve the restful place of “Silent night, holy night?”

I would like to offer a few thoughts as we approach the holiday:

  1. Reduce your Expectations
    If you feel you must do schoolwork during the holiday season, minimize what you need to get done.  I always found it helpful to get just ONE thing done each day, maybe one math lesson, reading one chapter, or finishing one worksheet.  Just expect it to be a lot less than normal and be okay with that.
  1. Protect the Essentials
    What daily and weekly habits keep your schooling “on the rails?”  Is it family reading time, breakfast devotionals, or your quiet cup of coffee before the kids tumble out of bed?  Keeping some structure in your day allows your family to handle the extra things that get placed on the calendar.
  1. Limit the Events on the Calendar
    Parties, special services at church, ice skating, and cocoa with friends…the list is huge.  These wonderful things can leave us with little margin and focused on everything BUT the “reason for the season.” Very selectively choose the events that your family can handle.  You have limits.  Your kids have limits. Less is more.
  1. Take a Break & Take a Look
    Your homeschool will benefit by purposely taking extended time off to renew, refresh, and reassess the schooling goals you set for the year. What is working and what is not? Take time to prepare your mind and your goals for a fresh start.
  1. Keep it Simple
    Enjoy the season while schooling by not overcomplicating any of it.  Keep lessons, crafts, recipes, and decorating easy and manageable. Experience the rest that is found in simplicity.

Consider these tips to have a peaceful holiday while still having “room in the inn” for your homeschooling goals.