The Morris Family


Aiden Morris

When Aidan was two, he put on a pair of tap shoes, picked up a hat, and struck a perfect Fosse-style pose. At 5 he started choreographing dances for our high school dance students. They were very good sports and did every step he gave them! We knew that he had a gift for dance and performance, but we did not know where it would take him. He also excelled in math, reading, and writing. He memorized science and history facts with ease. He could talk for hours about his favorite video games.

We decided to start homeschooling him for kindergarten when he would have been in pre-k at public school. We figured that if we messed it all up, we could just put him in kindergarten the next year and he would be on track. He did so well with homeschooling that he surpassed even the first grade in some topics. We decided that homeschooling was working for him and our family, so we stuck with it.

Homeschooling afforded us the flexibility to let him pursue dance, theater, and robotics through middle school. When he decided to pursue dance more seriously, we continued his rigorous course of study in our homeschool, dancing for nearly 4 hours each evening without giving up family time and rest.

His hard work has paid off. He earned generous scholarships to UMKC for dance and academics. He was also named a Horatio Alger Scholar, a huge honor that comes with an additional college scholarship. He will enter his freshmen year with 30 credit hours completed.

— The Morris Family