The Owino Family


As first-time co-op parents, Light Co-Op has been a joy for my wife and I. It has been an opportunity to make every Friday morning a special adventure that I share with my two children.

I have enjoyed watching my kids socialize and make new friends. They have developed quality relationships with the other kids they meet who have shared interests and similar values.

Driving them to and from every Friday has allowed me to have deep, strong relationships with each of my kids. I enjoy their conversation as they discuss the highlights of their day. We have fun together and enjoy each other’s company.

I appreciate the opportunity to teach some of the things I enjoy and watch the kids get valuable one-on-one instruction from a parent with a vested interest in their success. Because they are not taught just to pass a test but are taught for the best life possible. They are taught using methods that help them learn best and ensure their full potential is realized.

It's been a fascinating occasion to have someone besides mom teach them

As a father it's refreshing to see how as a parent I got to spend time with my kids when they are fresh and energetic, rather than tired after a long day, and also the option of trading teaching skills with other like-minded parents, our children receive instructions in a variety of subjects while I only teach a few.

The environment at Light Co-op group is a family affair and a more relaxed learning environment and it is incredible connecting with other homeschooling parents.

— The Owino Family