The Swafford Family


Our 19 y/o daughter, Sydney, began displaying an exceptional love for animals, especially horses, at a very early age. When she was only 3 ½ years old, we began rewarding her with time at the barn and a horseback riding lesson upon exemplary completion of her chores and schoolwork. These incentives developed over the years into volunteering at the barn at the age of 12, and eventually being hired as barn manager at the age of 16. Little did we know at the time, that being able to work her homeschooling schedule around her job at the barn, would provide her with so many learning experiences and open up so many future opportunities for her! Her desire to care for animals continued to intensify and resulted in her being hired at a local veterinary hospital where she has enjoyed working since 2019. She was recently accepted into the rigorous Early Admission program at Oklahoma State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine where she has the opportunity, upon completion, to become a member of OSU’s class of 2028! For Sydney, homeschooling was the ideal situation for her specific areas of interest and learning style, a decision we will never regret.

— The Swafford Family